Derived from the word VIBRATION
Noun |vi·bra·tion |vī-ˈbrā-shən
A feeling that someone or something gives you. A characteristic emanation, spirit or aura that infuses or vitalizes someone or something, and that can be instinctively sensed or experienced. A general emotion or feeling one has from another person, place or situation.

REIKI: Rei-Universal. Ki- Life Force
Noun: | reɪkɪ/
A hands on healing therapy, which channels energy to the recipient through the chakras. Identifying areas of congested energy along with the cause, by expanding the chakras and aura. This in turns intensifies the vibrational frequency of the recipient, promoting a healthier mind, body and spirit.

Noun |vibe·rei·tion |vīb-rā-shən
A feeling created that infuses someone or something with Universal Life energy. A hybrid creation of natural healing vibrations, Reiki energy and flow.

Vibereition was created in 2016, by friends Gar Cheung an Accessory Designer and Reiki Master, and Sera Shivnan her Reiki Teacher. Through their shared passion of Reiki healing and crystals, they created a lifestyle brand and platform as a way to educate and raise one’s vibrations through natural frequencies, in a creative way.

“Our mission is to create a lifestyle brand and platform to introduce creative, and practical ways of utilizing crystals and other holistic healing methods to your daily lives. As Reiki therapists, we encounter people suffering from physical illnesses, emotional and mental imbalances and negativity in their energy fields on a daily basis. Through our love of great design our mantra of ” Creative Healing” was born. Combining beautiful designs to bring healing vibrations to you and your surroundings, 24/7.”
Our collection ranges from crystals for your home, incense and sage to cleanse your space, healing jewellery, to beautiful home decor that emits healing vibes throughout your home, and much more. Viberietion also aims to promote artisan designers and brands that also share their vision of “Creative Healing” through their work. Our carefully curated designers have been selected due to the products they have created that are healing to oneself, or to the planet through their sustainable process.
Our platform also aims to educate and provide tools to help introduce the benefits of healing methods to all, by freely sharing our knowledge through our crystal library, chakra introductions, and Reiki courses.

Add a little extra Vibereition to your daily lives!