Quantum Cancer Project

More than a healing, retreat and training center, Seven Stones is a location for spiritual and personal development. People from different backgrounds can come to be trained and also receive support from a network of healing professionals. The mission of Seven Stones is to offer valuable tools for self understanding, healing skills and spiritual development to those searching to improve the quality of their lives, along with the lives of others.

Seven Stones provides Siam Reiki treatments, crystal healing, herbal therapies and various types of massage for clients’ personal well-being and corrective action. We also offer a wide range of training programs throughout the year with highly qualified and experienced teachers. Our focus is to empower people by teaching them skills they can use for their self and within their professional work also.

Seven Stones is founded and run by Siam Reiki Founder Steve Burgess. He is also recognized as a shamanic healer and alchemist. His gifted teaching approach facilitates learning through a structured and experienced manner based on his twenty years of studies with extraordinary teachers in Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, China and Taiwan.

7 Stones is an affiliate of the “Seven Generations World Wisdom Council”  with Elders and Wisdom Keepers linked around the Globe upholding the motto; For the good of all, to support all life, now and into the next 7 generations.