Attunement Process

As Reiki continues its ever-increasing rise in popularity across the globe as an alternative healing methodology, it’s becoming ever harder for those looking to become attuned to Reiki to know what is and is not genuine Reiki, and how to find a Reiki Master Teacher who will pass it on to them in its purest essence. Here we take a closer look at what a Reiki attunement is, and what is needed in order for a Reiki Master Teacher to be qualified to give it. 

In the first instance, in order for a person to perform a Reiki treatment, they themselves need to be attuned to Reiki. This may seem very obvious, but with so many people these days claiming to be ‘qualified’ to initiate people into Reiki when they themselves are not genuine Reiki Practitioners, it does bare mentioning. In Reiki we most commonly refer to the process as the attunement process. But what exactly is an attunement? A Reiki attunement is an initiation performed by a qualified Reiki Master Teacher, during which he or she acts as a channel as their Spiritual (Reiki) Guides transfer the Reiki energy into the student.

In order for the Reiki Master Teacher to be able to give an attunement, he or she first needs to have attained a level at which a large spectrum of frequency/energy is able to flow through their body. To reach this stage, the Reiki Master Teacher will first have had to gain a great deal of their own experience as a therapist through the performance of hands-on and distant treatments, as well as confronting and releasing congested energies within their own bodies which have accumulated over their many incarnations.

During the attunement process, the Spiritual (Reiki) energy is sent through the aura of the Reiki Master Teacher into their 7 Major Chakras, and it then flows out from the minor chakras in their hands. This large frequency spectrum is necessary because they will be guiding the Spiritual (Reiki) energy into the student by placing their hands and using Reiki symbols inside the student’s etheric aura (which normally stretches between 3-5cm beyond and around the physical body). The attunement produces an increase of energy within the etheric aura of the student, pushing the 7 Major Chakras to open more, which in turn creates more energy being absorbed by the functions of the physical body. As the Kundalini (Soul) energy increases, this also impacts the Nervous, Immune and Endocrine systems.

At each Reiki level up to Reiki Master (level 3) the student always receives 4 attunements, in order to open the student as an effective and efficient channel for the Reiki energy. At each of these levels the student receives a maximum of 2 attunements per day of their training, which allows time for their body to adjust to the increased frequency/energy levels running through it. With Reiki the student is required to wait a minimum period between each level (2 months between levels 1 & 2, and 6 months between levels 2 & 3) to allow time for them to adjust and to gain the necessary experience as a channel for the Spiritual energy that is being sent through their body every time they perform a treatment. For someone who is looking to become attuned to Reiki, it is important to be aware that in order for an effective attunement to take place, the person calling themselves a Reiki Teacher needs their own chakras to be open enough, and to have enough energy flowing through them, in order to perform a Reiki attunement; so if they have never performed treatments on clients, they are simply not capable of performing an attunement and passing the Reiki energy on to the student.