DPA Meditation 7 Day Course

4462004A 7 day transformational meditation course.
This progressive meditation takes place over 30 sessions, each session further activating the Third Eye to increase psychic awareness.

For sensitives and healers, this course will develop a set of psychic skills which can be used on an everyday basis.

Learning outcomes:

* Different levels of consciousness
* How to reach the Theta range of consciousness
* How to establish personal goals
* Identify the difference between animate and inanimate objects
* Identify intelligent animate objects
* How to project intelligence and retrieve information
* How to use psychic skills affectively
* Universal laws with energy development and skills
* How to use clairvoyance
* How to use telepathic abilities
* Interaction with chakra development and 6th sense
* How to communicate with other energies

The participants will receive a certification endorsed and supplied by the Institute of Applied Holistic Health Sciences (IAHHS)