One to One

Personal > One-to-oneThere are many reasons people choose to hire a personal trainer. Whether you are recovering from an injury, trying to lose or gain weight, regaining your pre pregnancy weight or simply wanting to feel fitter, stronger and more in control of your life. With the hectic lifestyle in Shanghai, it’s very easy for it to take a toll on your health and waist line. With the crazy work schedule, business travels, late dinners/drinks and for new Expats the change of diet can be frustrating to get or remain in shape. Hiring a qualified trainer who can help you set realistic goals and achieve them is the first step. Sera has been training Expat clients in Asia for over eight years; from coaching/training 5 year old children to 70 year olds to tri athletes.

She will tailor you a personal programme that will guarantee results and you’ll have fun all at the same time.  Sera mixes her programmes with rebounding, strength training, Muay Thai boxing, and TRX training – variety is the key so there’s never the same programme.  Just when you think it’s getting easier, she will notch it up session by session giving your muscles the shock they need.