Corporate Wellness


Aspire Health is dedicated to bringing corporate health and wellbeing services and solutions. When you invest in corporate health and wellbeing you invest in your company. Keeping your employees and management team healthy, stress free, physically fit and mentally strong is a key element within today’s competitive corporate environment.

  • Increase work productivity and efficiency through awareness of emotional and mental behaviour patterns that can be reprogrammed.
  • Decrease absenteeism through physical health improvement
  • Bringing Spiritual Intelligence and Consciousness into the corporate world
  • Gaining competitive advantage
  • When employees are able to think clearly with a relaxed mind they are able to manage a team, execute important decisions, have mental clarity, creativity and motivation for business growth
  • We provide self healing tools and training workshops for employees for long term stress management
  • Improve sleep and eating behavioural patterns which in turn increase energy levels and efficiency

We come to you! We provide in house therapy and training as we know time is a luxury so we reduce the out of office travel time by bringing these services directly to your company doorstep OR you can arrange classes/therapies at our Studio Office. Aspire Health Corporate Wellbeing builds a wellness programme tailored to your company to reduce your employee’s health risks and will improve their lifestyle both at work and home which puts your company top as employer’s choice.