Raising Vibrations

Picture1Everyone can feel stressed, depressed and low at times. Keeping a peaceful mind isn’t always easy. We need to be conscious and aware of our daily thoughts, feelings, words, actions and behavioural patterns. Here are some simple steps to help raise your vibration.

  1. Be authentic. We can become depressed through frustration and suppressed anger; often we are unaware or cannot pin point the root of our anger or frustration. We are not aligned with our truth and act and say things to please others and not necessarily ourselves. Honesty isn’t always easy but making steps to express feelings and what feels authentic to you whilst expressing and increasing personal power will help liberate and align you to your soul’s truth.
  2. Law of Attraction. Attract friends that are on your vibrational level or higher. Relationships and friendships can become toxic or imbalanced, over giving and not receiving can bring your energy levels down. Choose your friends wisely. Friendships and relationships should lift and support you. Avoid gossiping or spending too much time on social media. Start reading good books and informative material and redirect your energies and time with people who are positive and mutually beneficial.
  3. Unblock your Qi. Whether you practice Meditation, do Reiki, Taiji, Yoga or Qigong (or all of the above). These are very affective techniques and methods to release congestions within your chakras and aura. Daily practice and awareness of the causes of these blockages will help you consciously shift your thinking to a higher level. Change takes work and daily effort, be still and reflective.
  4. Be Active and Feed your Soul. Sleep early, wake up early, drink more water than you think you need, nourish your body and soul with food that will detox and cleanse. Exercise, move your body, keep your mind and body active. Not only will you feel and look great but will help bring your mental body into balance.
  5. Gratitude. Be thankful and grateful. You hear this all the time but it’s true. The more thankful we are (genuinely) the higher frequencies we emit from our energy field, the more good that comes and follows. It’s a good idea to spend 5 mins in the morning visualizing your day ahead and before going to sleep reflect on your day, forgive those who have wronged you and be grateful for the positive experiences.
  6. Universal Law. The more you give the more you receive. Develop an attitude of kindness and compassion. Think of each moment as an opportunity to help someone in need. Be a humble servant to mankind and the universe will open up all kinds of doors and opportunities for you.
  7.  LOVE. The most powerful energy and vibration there is. Focus on this energy and what Love means to you and you will feel your energy shift immediately. Even in our darkest times surround yourself with loved ones, children, animals or humour (whatever it is that makes you smile) and you will feel your mind lighten.