“I had my first experience with reiki more out of curiosity, then anything else, but after my 2nd treatment felt inclined to explore it further. Going into this with little or no expectations i completed my level 1 & 2 with Sera, and i can honestly say i have felt a huge shift in certain areas of my life as well as my mindset. Reiki has enabled me to pinpoint certain areas of congestion in my life, making me more aware of the links between past events that currently have an effect on my present life, emotionally, mentally and physically. Although i still have a long way to go, being aware of these enabled me to take small steps to healing myself and letting go of things i hadn’t realised i still held onto, which was having a negative impact on my life. The biggest changes came after the DPA meditation course, which personally was a big challenge for me. It bought a lot of blockages and emotions to surface which was at times hard to face, but with the guidance and support from Sera, I learnt to become more sensitive to my own energy and those around me, through not only reiki, but also additional meditation and visualisation methods. I am now more conscious of the energy i emit to others, as well as what i attract and the direct relation and effect it can have on myself and others. Also having the knowledge and tools to be able to selflessly help others, in particularly distant treatments, is an amazing gift to have. Treating others is a constant reminder of how powerful energy and connections can be, and how reiki can significantly benefit not only you, but also those around you. Through reiki Iv learnt that- although a powerful tool that can improve your life, it can only bring to surface where your congestions lie- and that in order to feel the full benefits you must be prepared to face the truth- which at times can be daunting, but necessary in order to make the relevant changes to your lifestyle. It is not something that can be used to fix yourself, but it can open up new doors, and help to learn acceptance of yourself and others. Self love being a key lesson. I have been very fortunate to have discovered this path,and have Sera as a teacher, mentor and friend on this personal journey, and would highly recommend her, to anyone who is genuinely looking for an additional healingl tool to enhance their life and those around them. Sera is an exceptional teacher with sensitivity, wisdom, patience and a big heart. Her hands on approach with her students means she goes above and beyond for those willing to make a true commitment towards healing themselves and others. Looking forward to completing my master level, and progressing on this personal journey!”

Gar Cheung

“I’ve done level one, level two, and pendulum training with Sera. The environment she creates is open, warm, and non-judgemental (and at times quite humorous). Her guidance and supervision are filled with intuition as well as compassion and she seems to know when a student – whether giving or receiving a treatment – needs her extra presence. Additionally, she knows the right questions to ask to aid healing and always respects the dignity of those she is healing or teaching. A safe place to learn and share.”

Tracey Walker

“When I met Sera, I was at some kind of very low point in my life. Even though I was successful in my career, I was just out of a divorce followed by yet another failed attempt at a relationship. I could not find meaning or sense in what I was doing anymore and I had become yet another bachelor with money on Shanghai’s endless playground. This contributed to aggravate my emotional and physical state; I was living in some kind of mild yet persistent depressive state. I heard about Sera through a friend and at first I started meeting her as a therapist. I was quite struck by the quality of her insight which allowed me to rapidly come to grip with some deep issues. Each time I went to see her I felt lighter and more energetic, so there was no question from that point; I started weekly sessions to keep gaining clarity. And not only was I able to benefit from those sessions, but Sera also offered courses which allowed me to become a Reiki Master and open to a whole new world of knowledge. For a year, the therapy and the training became a very central point of my life, and being included in an activity that aims at helping others is also very healing. Finally last but not least, Sera was always there to answer questions or give advice whenever I would ask (as I travel a lot, Wechat was used extensively). This level of commitment is rare, Sera is a genuine healer in this world and she has contributed to make my life a better world.”

Michael Gutman

I received my level 2 Reiki in the US and practiced on friends and myself regularly, which led to several questions about Reiki. Right around that time I learned of Sera (and Siam Reiki) through a friend. I was attracted to Siam Reiki not only for their ability to clearly answer my questions, but also for their choice to remain faithful to Usui Reiki and for their systematic and thorough approach to teaching Reiki. So when I decided to take a trip to China this year I looked up Sera and received an assessment. Well, not only did her abilities surprise and frankly, amaze me, but it turned out I was practicing at below a Siam Reiki 1 level. Coincidentally, while I was in Shanghai there was a Reiki Level 1 class with Sera available which I happily took. I have now learned new techniques, received 4 attunements and I can already feel a major difference in the effectiveness of the Reiki I am practicing.

I definitely recommend Sera and Siam Reiki for a thorough, systematic approach to Reiki.

Jonelle Vette

I did my first Reiki level with Sera and it was really amazing!  After some difficult experiences with doctors, I decided to find another way to help myself and also others. I listened to my body and felt naturally attracted to Reiki. Reiki is a wonderful way to discover our own healing potential and be more open to all life possibilities. Sera has a gift and her way of teaching is really professional and sensitive.

Sera, thanks for this unique life experience.


I have been in contact with Reiki already a year, and my life has changed in many ways. Personally and professionally, I have become more aware of myself, have better relationships and I am a better person. At work I have become more focus, believed in myself more and have attracted more business. Sera is a great human being that only cares about helping you to be better and she respects your timing and feelings about discovering Reiki when you are ready. I have just finished my Reilki Level 1 with her, and it was an amazing experience of learning and discovery. Also I got to meet great people there. I recommend it to everybody to try.

Rosa Pelayo


I gained over 40 pounds during my pregnancy and was desperate to lose the weight after 7 months of breastfeeding.  A friend recommended Sera to me and I started on a 3-times-a-week regimen that at first was so painful it felt like I got hit by a truck!  But slowly but surely, I started to build muscle mass and gradually lost the fat.

By the end of three months of working out with Sera, I had lost all the baby weight and even reduced my body fat percentage to lower than pre-pregnancy level.   I am thrilled and forever grateful to Sera for having the expert knowledge, the patience, and the good humor to train a post-partum (not to mention, a very hormonal) new mom!

If I ever get pregnant again, I would definitely work with Sera both during and after pregnancy.   It is the best gift I have given myself and would recommend her to anyone looking to get into shape.  Thanks Sera!

Christina Ahn

I have been working with Sera for the past 8 months, 6 of which I have been pregnant.  I have never felt stronger or healthier and continue to see results even throughout my pregnancy.  Sera’s easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.  And most importantly, she makes the sessions fun!

Katherine Karshner

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Sera for personal training, Reiki or massage sessions. Having tried all three, I can say with absolute certainty that her down-to-earth, holistic approach to health will help anyone get back on track to a state of physical, spiritual and mental well-being.

Ellen Swabey

Training with Sera has been great. Sera delivered a fitness program tailored to my crazy schedule and my personal fitness goals. Sera not only helped me get personal fitness time back on my calendar, she’s also helped me change my behavior and helped me bring personal fitness back into my life. Thank you.

Kevin Grignon

Sera has trained me since July 2012, I find her to be skilful and effective. I am older than most of her clients and she adapts our workout sessions to my abilities and skill level. She is always mindful of my age and limitations. Sera has used Reiki and Thai massage to help me recover from jet-lag and exhaustion as well as an ankle sprain last year. She has used Thai massage in helping me to maintain flexibility. She is knowledgeable in both. She is very personable and has the ability to keep me on task and focused. She is respectful of my time and will adapt her schedule to accommodate me when necessary. I would recommend her and think any client would be well pleased with her training skills and personal demeanor.

Sharon Corley

Making the decision to work with Sera was the best gift I could have given myself.   For many years I had contemplated hiring a personal trainer but always talked myself out of it for one reason or another.   Last year I made the decision to put myself first and take the plunge!    Although by no means sedentary I was fairly new to the “reps and sets” scene and really couldn’t have asked for a better coach to get me into shape.  What I have enjoyed most about working with Sera is how she is able to give me an amazing workout using my own body weight – no fancy machines or equipment required!   With the skills she has taught me I am able to get an effective workout in wherever I am which is so convenient.   The other thing I like about my workouts with Sera is that you never really know what she is going to throw your way – some days it will be circuit training while other days it may be TRX – Sera keeps the workout fun and fresh which is very important for me.   Ironically six months after starting with Sera I found out I was pregnant and there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to bring Sera on this journey with me.   Sera adapted my weight-training routine accordingly through the pregnancy and 9 months later I delivered a happy, healthy little boy.   For some women recovering from a C-section can be painful but for me recovery time was very short and I attribute this in part to being stronger physically and mentally thanks to training with Sera.   After returning to Shanghai with the wee one I have started training with Sera again and while admittedly not always easy to find time with a new baby I look forward to my sessions with Sera and have made them a priority in my life.   A big thank you to Sera for coaching me along this journey.

Dana Lajoie

Sera has been my personal trainer during my third trimester of my pregnancy and I am very happy that I got chance to meet her. She brought different kinds of exercising and stretching that helped me to release back and hip pain that I’ve suffered from. I also experienced her unique prenatal Thai massage and Reiki treatments that always energize me and made me nicely relaxed. I always felt great after her session. Sera is a person who loves her job and I am very thankful to her for keeping me in a good condition and I am looking forward to continue with postnatal training.

Jana Machackova-Oey

I’ve been training with Sera for about 2 years now and she has really helped me as I work towards my personal health, fitness & lifestyle goals. From the first session she understood my aims & challenges. She is knowledgable & experienced, especially where it comes to the unique needs & stages of womens’ lives. She’s always got great tips for healthy eating, and really understands the whole mind-body connection. As someone who has never loved to exercise her positive, caring approach and outgoing nature genuinely make it a pleasure to train. As a result my overall strength has increased, which has helped me improve my posture & reduce my neck pain, and I’ve also toned up, without bulking up. She’s made a big impact on my health, fitness & life and I would recommend her to anybody.

Jill Barker

Having met Sera in March and trying Reiki for the first time I am amazed at the effect it has had on me on a daily basis. I felt a total change the very next day. I could no longer get angry at small things that would upset me for hours or days. It was simply too much effort to let the anger continue. I’m able to focus more on what I’m doing at the moment and my moods are far more consistent and in general more positive than I have felt in years. Talking with Sera has piqued my interest in the various topics that come up during our weekly sessions. I plan on taking a Siam Reiki Level 1 course in June!

Carolyn McIntosh