Sera Shivnan

 Sera Shivnan


Born and raised in Northern England, Sera left her native home after graduating from University at the tender age of 22. Here is where she feels her soul’s journey and life’s mission really began. From childhood, she had various psychic experiences that she couldn’t explain, being extremely sensitive yet grounded(thanks to her loving family) and with a strong intuition and knowing that she had been on this Planet many lifetimes before she knew she was here to help others which would require a deeper understanding of herself.  She left the UK and chose Asia, without any logical explanation she felt a pull to the Orient.

Living and working in Thailand and China for more than thirteen years, she began firstly teaching children in an International school in a remote part of Thailand, later she was led to the fitness industry in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok personal training Expat clients. This stepping stone brought her to Shanghai where her passion for wellbeing and balanced health continued. It was later when she was living in Shanghai, searching herself for alternative healing that she discovered the incredible healing modality of Reiki. She searched for Reiki teachers in Shanghai, none of which connected her; she was then lead back to Bangkok. Sera met her Master, back at the same spot that she was living and working many years previously. She saw her Master’s photo (Steve Burgess AKA Lee Wei-De, Founder of Siam Reiki) and immediately knew he was her teacher.

“Often, I’m asked by Reiki clients and students, why Reiki? What led me to healing and spirituality? I can honestly tell my students I believe enlightenment and “awakening” comes when you least expect it. I see many people searching for answers, searching to find out why they are here on Earth, what their soul’s purpose and the meaning of life is. Well, the answer for me was that, I guess spirituality and enlightenment found me. It didn’t come through mediation courses or from a “spiritual retreat” on a mountain in India or wherever we imagine that “aha” moment will be. It came simply from life. Our own experiences, our suffering, our pain is what leads us to authentic enlightenment and awakening. When you have gone through suffering in this life and for some, feeling past life pain and soul suffering you yearn for healing in whatever form it may be. For me, Reiki was my personal healing. I met many personal training clients with injuries which I could see were emotional or even spiritually linked, I suffered myself with frequent neck blockages that were not physical injuries yet the pain was very real; so when I met my Reiki Teacher Steve Burgess, it was like a “rebirth” moment. All of life’s twists and turns that I had experienced began to make complete sense. After just four days being with Steve during my first trip, I knew I had found my calling, I felt a feeling of “lightness” that I cannot put into words. I knew there and then that this was what my soul had been yearning for. As I studied though the levels to Master, then Teacher with additional skills like developing psychic ability meditation, pendulum and tarot card reading, I developed skills I had no idea I had. After my very first Reiki Attunement at level 1, Steve told me I was a “seer”. I had no idea what that meant or how “clairvoyance” would help me and others but as I progress through each stage this became very clear that I could use this skill purely for healing. It brings me a lot of joy and love to share my knowledge and wisdom which I’ve learnt through the Siam Reiki modality and my own personal experiences for others; to help bring life balance and “down to earth” healing and spirituality for those whom are least expecting it.”


Institute of Applied Holistic Health Science (IAHHS) Siam Reiki Master Teacher (Level 7),
Crystal Healing, Pendulum Diagnosis, Psychometry, DPA level 1 (developing psychic ability 7 day meditation course), DPA Level 2 meditation course, How to see the Aura,Transcending Entities and Transmutation, Qi Gong and Tarot Card Reading. Has taught Siam Reiki levels 1,2 and 3 master, Crystal Healing, Pendulum Diagnosis and DPA meditation course. All with Institute of Applied Holistic Sciences

BA degree Media/Sport, Health & Leisure, University of Leeds
ACE Personal Trainer Certified
ACE Pre/Post Partum Pregnancy Trainer Certified
Wat Po Thai Massage Certified
Wat Po Reflexology Certified
Wat Po Women’s Health Massage Certified (includes pre and post partum Thai massage).

Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy